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We will contact successful applicants by 27 September for interview w/b 7th October. If you don't hear from us before then you have been unsuccessful on this occasion. 


We are looking for a young, bright junior designer to join our team at our Leeds studio. 

Ideally around 2 years experience in a design/branding studio- we will also consider very smart graduates!

Above all, we need someone who is passionate, articulate, hard working & confident.

What can you do?
Thinking + Design
Thinking + Animation
Thinking + Digital

Please send us work examples in a PDF under 10mb and a note explaining your background/experience/why you’d like the job (it doesn’t need to be super-formal, just explain what you do, and tell us what you can bring to the team here at Studio.Build).

Please send applications to by 20th September 2019.