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Simple. Playful. Modular — Work as Plaey!

We are looking for a young, bright junior designer to join our team at our Leeds studio. 

Ideally around 2 years experience in a design/branding studio- we will also consider very smart graduates!

Above all, we need someone who is passionate, articulate, hard working & confident.

What can you do?
Thinking + Design
Thinking + Animation
Thinking + Digital

Please send us work examples in a PDF under 10mb and a note explaining your background/experience/why you’d like the job (it doesn’t need to be super-formal, just explain what you do, and tell us what you can bring to the team here at Studio.Build).

Please send applications to by 20th September 2019. 

We will contact successful applicants by 27 September for interview w/b 7th October.