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Incoming— New work for Three Six Zero Recordings, a British/American independent record label distributed by Sony Music.

Founded by Mark Gillespie and headed up creatively by their president Pete Tong, the label is known predominantly for exporting British talent into the U.S and rest of the world and represents acts such as Dom Dolla, GTA, Franky Wah and Child of the Parish. 

The new work is an extension on to our original brand identity work for Three Six Zero- a global management and entertainment company that represents the likes of Calvin Harris, Will Smith, Louis Tomlinson and Tiesto. 

We’ve created a new logo Three Six Zero Recordings, which is a simple adaption on the original Three Six Zero logo. The stand alone brand symbol is very similar to the original logo, but includes a 90 degree rotation on the triangle within the marque to create a ‘play’ icon. 

Alongside the logo we have created a pattern-based system made up out of two simple elements, a cross and a circle. These elements are designed to be combined and overlaid in never ending combinations to form the Three Six Zero Recordings pattern. This pattern is dynamic and has been designed to be able to be changed and adapted over time and is used on all TSZ Recording materials including digital releases.

The new brand identity has been rolled out onto the Three Six Zero website, as well as on social media, merchandise, desktop wallpapers and digital releases. 

You can see the project in full here!