Time Travels in Tin

Incoming— New identity work for independent craft makers Blackhorse Workshop and their upcoming immersive experience, Atomic 50. 

The event, which will run as part of the London Borough of Culture 2019, will allow guests to journey through Waltham Forest’s rich heritage in manufacturing and metal work at a disused school building in Leyton. The aim is to reinstate tin as an accessible and sustainable material for the 21st century by merging workspace with immersive theatre. 

The new identity work comprises of a playful logotype and colour palette, through to moving image, marketing materials, signage and teachers resource packs. The full project will be live on our site soon. 

Atomic 50 will run throughout all of April 2019 and is open to local schools during term time and families at Easter from across the Waltham Forest region and beyond. For more information, head over to Blackhorse Workshop now.