The History of Graphic Design Vol.2

Taschen has launched it’s highly anticipated second volume of ‘The History of Graphic Design’ which includes works from Studio.Build! 

We have been very lucky to be included in some great books from around the world over the years, from publishers such as Gestalten, Viction:ary, Thames & Hudson, Laurence King and Unit Editions - it’s great to finally add Taschen to the list as we have been a massive fan of theirs for years. 

The new volume rounds off Taschen’s in-depth exploration of graphic design and spans over six decades, from 1960 to today (Volume 1 was released in 2017 and covered the history of design between 1890—1959). Included within the book is around 3,500 seminal designs from all over the world, focusing in detail on around 80 key pieces and 118 biographies of the era’s most important designers and studios. 

If you’re a designer, or just a lover of good graphic design, we highly recommend this book, which you can buy now here.