Rams, from an email to the big screen

Well that was a trip.

We got an email from Gary (Hustwit) in 2016, I'm doing a documentary film on the work and life of Dieter Rams. You want to work with me on the identity? Mind. Blown.

Gary started the project by launching a Kickstarter with a goal of $200,000 goal. To help achieve that goal, we designed a series of 4 ltd edition screen prints featuring four of Dieter Rams' designs for Braun, a ltd edition letterpress card of his '10 Principles of Good Design', a t-shirt and a large format poster featuring a vignette of his iconic works for Vitsoe & Braun.

The Kickstarter was successful with a total pledge of $279,278 by 5,110 backers. It's an incredible achievement, and testament to the film making prowess of Gary and of course the hero in all of this Dieter Rams... Though I'm sure he wouldn't say he was a hero. The work of Dieter Rams cannot be underplayed in the roles of todays industrial design landscape. So it wasn't really surprising to see the level of interest the documentary would garner.

Working on projects like this is a massive kick. Projects with real worth, in this case documenting the work of a real icon of design. We have worked with Gary now on two of his other design documentaries Objectified + Urbanized. Designing both identities and associated merchandise. Michael (Studio.Build founder/creative director) featured in Gary's first documentary 'Helvetica' and the friendship grew from there.

The film had its premiere last night (24.09.18) in Gary's hometown of New York. Reports are coming in from friends across the pond saying how good it is. We can't wait to see it, and would like to congratulate Gary (and team) on the launch of what I'm sure will be an amazing film and success.

Please see Gary's site here for a full list of screenings of the Rams documentary.