Pies, Beers & Ideas

Studio.Build Founder & Creative Director, Michael C Place has sat down with the team at Creative Boom recently to discuss life in Leeds, our new website and much more. 

If you follow anything we do you’ll know we moved from London to Leeds back in 2015. You’ll also know that we launched a new website earlier this year. And that we’ve had a pretty crazy few months.  

But things are starting to settle...sort of...
So we have been trying to continue sharing our opinions/industry experiences with the world- some good, some bad. Either way we hope you take something from it. 

And as we are discussing our Leeds studio, we’ve finally got round to taking some photographs of the space. You can see some of our favourites above.
Please do check them out before you head over to Creative Boom to read Michael’s interview in full

A big thanks to Joanne Crawford for the amazing photographs.