Orgasm Addict Reframed

When I (Michael) was a student, I did my thesis on the work of Malcolm Garrett and Vaughan Oliver. So I was very proud to have been invited (alongside some really great designers) by Design Manchester and the legendary Malcolm Garrett to submit a personal graphic interpretation of the sleeve for Buzzcocks' 1977 single Orgasm Addict

Malcolm's brief — 'Keep it simple. Fun. Bold. Square. Yellow and Blue.'

Referencing Malcolm's original Buzzcocks' work where he took what is usually something a record label would place no importance on (e.g. a catalogue number) and turn that element into the main 'design element', Michael (Build's Creative Director) took the idea of the colour break-down and registration marks as the main design element. Stepping and repeating the marks are intended to reference the song.

All submissions will be exhibited throughout DM17 and will be displayed in some of Manchester's most iconic buildings — including The Refuge at The Principal Hotel, the window of Fred Aldous, PLANT NOMA and the O2 Ritz Hotel during the Buzzcocks' gig on 19th October in the City.

See all submissions for Orgasm Addict Reframed at DM17 here.