Sheffield 32
Leeds 59 (2)

View (1) - Object (2) - Person (3) - Memory (4)

A Ford Cortina parked up at a motorway services, on the windscreen written large are the names Jock and Margaret (3). Kinneir & Calvert, sounds like an obscure brand of cigarette. In the café (or caff), they each take a tray and shuffle past cabinets of food. They stop and order a Full English (with plenty of fried tomato). Collect grubby cutlery, napkins and those little sachets of salt and pepper. They take a seat at a well worn formica table and tuck in. Jock pulls on a cigarette and glances out of the window. His view is of a four large coal chimneys (1), spewing forth smoke. Its night, and an eerie green glow emanates from in-between the stacks. A freight train slowly comes into view, Jock takes another pull of his cigarette. On the side of the train are a series of marks. Heraldic in nature, bold and beautiful (4).

The sleeve for the new Inside Out is inspired by all of the above. The UK transport signage system designed by Jock Kinneir & Margaret Calvert. And the Rail Freight Identity by Roundel. To the Blandford Colour Series book ‘HERALDRY of the World' by Carl Alexander von Volborth (published, 1973). To the Optical Character Recognition-B font designed by Adrian Frutiger. Widely used for the human readable digits in UPC / EAN barcodes, and machine-readable passports. A visual mash-up. A remix. Where a thorough knowledge of the CYMK printing process is key (K = Key btw). A love of systems, and the joy that this designer got from a set of coloured blocks arranged in different orders at different scales. Precision. Precise. Hypnotic. Like the music it wraps. The first in a series, we ask Will Saul (and future archivists) a set of questions. View – Object – Person – Memory. Where we try to find a bit more about the person who has painstakingly compiled the release. We will design each release in the series. This one is colourful. The next might be Black. Back in Black. ACDC? No. CMYK. New work for the new Aus Records imprint Inside Out — Michael C Place (Founder/Creative Director) Studio.Build

A new regular series of releases, the first sees label owner Will Saul at the controls. Identity and artwork concept by Build.

With each release we ask the artist a set of questions, View? Object? Person? & Memory? These then feed into the sleeve design, hopefully revealing a bit of personal insight about each artist. Each sleeve in the series will be completely different in design.

See the full project — Inside Out LP Design.