Multi-Style identity for Tej Chauhan

Branding work for London-based industrial designer, Tej Chauhan. We have developed a confident, strong typographic look for Tej, including a new website, print collateral, business and presentation templates.

Wallpaper* magazine had this to say about Tej and his studio — “Before setting up his eponymous practice in 2005, technological whizz-kid Tej Chauhan put in several years at Nokia, creating some of the company’s most memorable models. These days, his signature aesthetic has touched everything from kitchen tools and eyewear to televisions and door handles, making one of the most wide-ranging oeuvres around.”

Before starting the project Tej sent over a big folder of images that inspired him and his design work. A big influence for Tej was the film work of Stanley Kubrick, in particular his opus 2001: A Space Odyssey. The folder of images was extremely eclectic, from very simple Helvetica based identities to much more complex 70's inspired imagery. We really like the idea of trying to get that range across for his branding. We pitched the 'multi-style' approach (amongst others) to Tej and initially he thought it was a little 'too crazy'. This is the introduction we wrote introduce the route he eventually chose.

Eclectic modular forms inspired by ‘Trade marks & Symbols 1, Alphabetical Desgns’ by Kuwayama and the works of Push Pin Studios & Herb Lubalin. Reimagined for Now. Multiple reference points not tied down by a singular aesthetic. Pop-Art-Graphics. Hi-Contrast Graphic Design, hard and soft forms, precise forms, sharp forms, thick, thin.

Space 1999 and 2001: A Love-In Odyssey.

The Future of the Past and of the Near Future™ As individual as a persons signature this route is intended to try and reference as much of your graphic inspiration. More is More. This isn‘t a ‘badging’ exercise, it is a living, breathing identity with [multiple] character[s]. It‘s an identity with a point of view, a mark in the sand...

A little bit ugly, but very beautiful.
This isn’t minimalism, it’s individualism™

We did further rounds of work, but we kept coming back to this 'multi-style' route. Something about it stuck, something that truly represented Tej and all (well nearly all) of his reference points for his work. It has balls, and a lot of character...just like Tej and his studio's work — Michael C Place (Founder/Creative Director) Studio.Build 

See the full project — Tej Chauhan branding.