Development work for Nike Track + Field '18

Preface: The work above is development work we did during the process of working with the talented team at Nike on Track + Field 2018. Thank you to Rebecca Parker and the brand team at Nike for being brilliant and for getting us involved again after the initial work we did with them on the Track + Field 2016 edition. To see the final work we produced for Track and Field, 2108 please see the project here.

As designers we all go through a lot of work to get to the final signed off piece of design. This is the first in a series of posts hopefully giving a bit of insight into the process of our work (and to see routes that didn't make it).

Track + Field 2018 for Nike — Following on from our work with Nike Track and Field 2016 we have collaborated with the brand team on updating the visual system for 2018. The original work took its graphic cue from the visual language of the track itself. Track line markings became a dynamic element within the system, alongside a strong dynamic typographic element.

For Track and Field 2018 we researched further into the authentic language of the track. The ‘acceleration graphic’ is a new component in the identity. All the compositions are created in a grid format, by creating all compositions in this strict grid format the spirit and precision of Track and Field is accurately represented. This new element can be used to created compositions in its more complex form, a simplified form or just used as a single graphic.

It was a really interesting challenge to make something as simple as the acceleration graphic (which is essentially a triangle) to not only convey speed and dynamism but also building a graphic system that can be used for all manner of applications without looking tired. From tent wraps, apparel, trackside banners and photo backdrops.

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