Public Rec, Details Matter

New brand identity work for a fledgling US menswear brand, Public Rec.

Public Rec is a fantastic, independent menswear brand based in Chicago, creating intelligent apparel aimed at simplifying life for the better. Through thoughtful design they empower everybody to focus on what they are doing, instead of what they are wearing. 

We met Zach, the man behind Public Rec, earlier this year when he was looking to take his successful brand ‘up a few notches’. The original brief was limited in scope and really focussed on how Public Rec looked, but didn’t really delve deeper. As with all of our clients, we wanted to go back to the basics and so we worked very closely with Zach to work out his real motivations behind Public Rec - by doing this we were able to start to develop a really strong foundation for Public Rec’s growth. 

Nicky, our business director, started to work with Zach on the brands purpose, which allowed us to then develop the brands ideal customer base. Partnering with our friends at Reed Words, we worked on developing Public Rec’s values to form the initial foundation of work. These principles were then used to write practical voice guidelines - which included bold brand statements to live on campaigns of all sizes. The new Public Rec brand voice is comfortable, smart and true to their brand and is the foundation of everything. 

“It’s been a pleasure working with the Studio.Build team - they were recommended to me by someone I really trust. I’ve been working with them for about 10 months now, and they’ve taken the Public Rec brand to another level. They are fun, thoughtful and incredibly talented. We’ve updated our logo, typography, packaging, and brand ethos more generally. We’ve refined how we talk about the brand and how the brand will be communicated to our customer base. They’ve been a true partner to me, and I now feel like we are at the point that I trust their eye and voice over mine, which was hard for me to imagine. I feel very fortunate to be working with them.” — Zach Goldstein, Founder of Public Rec.

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