Crafted for Colours May Vary

Colours May Vary is a multitude of things- it isn’t just a shop. It’s a great space thats easy to spend time in, and enjoy; its a place to browse and indulge in good design, and also to buy something that has been designed (and made) with love.

At the helm are two people who both clearly have a huge passion for what they do- Andy and Becky. 

So, designing an identity which encapsulates not only the unique products, prints and homewares that they stock but also their two personalities, was the starting point for the project .

We looked at female and male forms, and how they could be conveyed throughout the identity using colour, graphic shapes and forms, whilst not being overpowering or cliched! We created a set of shapes that include contrasting sharp sliced circles with bouncy, fun and friendly ‘donuts + sausages’. The shapes are interchangeable, and adaptable, much like the shop itself - in contrast to the logotype that they sit alongside, which is designed to be steady and timeless.

The Colours May Vary logo was created using a bespoke typeface and unique to them, and is really characterised in the letter ‘R’- a combination of elegant sophistication but with a hint of imperfection and personality- a great reflection of the The Colours May Vary ethos! From those elements we’ve worked to create an array of Colours May Vary products such as tote bags, loyalty Cards, carrier bags, stickers, postcards, as well as a number of digital designs for their social presence and marketing materials.

Colours May Vary really is a hub for all creative do-ers/makers/builders in Leeds. They know everyone, and everyone knows them- which has been great whilst we have been working with them, for example it’s allowed us to meet and collaborate with local animators and website creators, Hungry Sandwich Club for the new CMV website — who we’re sure to with again in the future!

"We had a fantastic time working with Build on our recent re-brand and website design. From day one they took the time to understand us as people and as a business which was invaluable in articulating our new identity. They went above and beyond what we expected and we couldn't be happier with the outcome. It has made our brand cohesive, easy to work with and we are super proud to have it out there in the world. We will be continuing to evolve the brand through seasonal changes and own brand product and will be working with the team at Build every step of the way." — Andy & Becky (Owners, CMV)

It’s been genuinely refreshing to work with a client who cares about the importance of design, and understands its value for their business (well, it is central to what they do, so no real surprises there!). It was also great that they were comfortable with us giving an honest critique of why their old branding and marketing tools weren’t working. They were happy to take our advice and design guidance, rather than to dictate what they want. We’d like to think the outcome was a success and we cannot wait to see how Colours May Vary grow with their new identity and website

See how the project turned out here.