At Studio.Build we typically (but not exclusively) work with clients in creative, design-led sectors. Our clients and projects range from tiny to huge, so there is never a one-size-fits-all. We are always open to working with clients who are looking to question, to embrace new ideas, and to get excited about the potential of what we could do together. If you are interested in working with us (maybe even, possibly, creating award-winning work with us), please get in touch.

How we work
We believe in a holistic approach to all projects, big or small; from start to finish, end to end, nose to tail. Not every project allows for that but where it’s possible, that’s what we do.

It’s important because a client might be focused on addressing a small issue. But, with the right questions and a bit of discussion, we can often uncover the bigger picture, which could affect the design process later on. So, we try to understand where they want to go, next week, next year, or in 10 years time, and by having this overview we aim to plan and design for the longer term.

It’s not just about making the best, most considered design for our clients- it’s also about helping them recognise the value that the design process brings, from nose to tail. And potentially that in the long run, a holistic, joined-up design approach could, and should save money.

What we do
Understanding (gathering information)
Developing Narratives (identifying key ideas)
Storytelling (creating personality, opening dialogues)

What we do it with
Graphic Design
Interior Design
Animation & Motion
Website Design & Development
Design & Production Management

What we create
Brand Identity
Exhibition Graphics
Interiors & Spaces
Design for Print
Social Media toolkits
Brand Guides/Standards Manuals

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