TypeCon 2014 – Conference ID

Identity for America’s largest typography conference. Each year The Society of Typographic Aficionados (SoTA) choose a designer/design studio to design the conference identity. This year we were honoured to be invited, 2014’s title is ‘CAPITOLISED’, and was held in Washington D.C.

We developed an engaging, expansive typographic system based around a ‘redaction‘ theme, inspired by  the Washington D.C. location (think FBI/US Gov/selective information). Alongside the identity we designed  the promotional material, programme, bags, t-shirts, badges, poster and flyers, signage and banners. We also worked closely with motion studio Three Bears Theory to art direct animated pieces played as backdrops throughout the conference. We’ve had great feedback from the event organisers and conference attendees alike.

Event photography by Pete Bella.
Thanks to Milieu Grotesque for the custom version of Maison Neue Mono.

Client — S{o}TA, USA

Brand Identity

Corey Holms (Society of Typographic Afficianados board member): ‘I’ve known Michael [Place] for quite some time, so there was never a question in my mind that he was a perfect fit for the job. What did surprise me however was how deep an understanding of the local lexicon he would bring to this project. Everyone that saw it fell in love with it immediately — locals felt it perfectly captured the essence of DC, US nationals thought it was a great combination of sloganeering and bureaucratic typography that encapsulated our capitol. And people from outside the US saw it as both an homage to this country, and a loving jab at us as well. As I said before, I knew it would be a success, I didn’t suspect that it would be a unanimous success however. That’s what happens when top level design and top level thinking combine. Oh, and we came up with a new word to describe the work that Build did for us, Bureaucraftic.’

D&AD Pencil Award winner.