Getty Images – Moodstream

The client needed ‘something unusual’ to promote their new online search tool ‘Moodstream’. The item had to be shipped to New York for an event so the brief required something ‘light, unbreakable and very memorable’.

We proposed a twist on the image-library staple, the postcard set. Using images from the Getty Images libraries and combining these with a range of print processes (heat-sensitive/scratch off/spot UV), and sticker sheets, the cards were a playful take on the notion of moods; ‘touch and feel’, both physical and emotional. The box also contained a badge set designed both to express your mood(s), and start a conversation. A project logo was also created, based on the Getty house-font, Lubalin.

Client — Getty Images, USA.

Scope of work:
Big Idea
Art direction
Image editing
Print management