Dreamers’ Supply Co. – ID (case study)

Dreamers’ Supply Co. is a fund-raising  initiative by the charity Spark+Mettle, working with marginalised young people to make their aspirations a reality, and develop their creative, collaborative and entrepreneurial skills along the way.

The idea of Dreamers’ Supply Co. is simple: to create fun, ‘dream realising’ products to sell (and so generate income). We were initially asked just to create a logo for the brand but quickly became involved in bringing the idea to life from the branding to the end-products.

All age groups.

We initially developed the brand with a distinctive look & feel, deliberately playful and modular so that the identity would be adaptable across many applications (print, website and the products for sale). The next challenge was to create the products themselves , the result of  ‘Dreaming workshops’ held to generate the most insane ideas- with nothing off limits!  We worked closely with the DSCo team on prototyping days, collaboratively shaping the look and feel of the products. Our challenge then, was to channel these ideas into practical and cost-effective ways to make these great ideas a reality. We have extensive experience of production which we brought to the project, advising on budgets, product elements and likely sources, fine tuning the design of products, and design and production of the finished packaging . Finally we hosted a ‘make day’ at our studio where everything was put together by a dedicated and enthusiastic DSCo team, ready for retail launch at the Design Museum Shop, and for sale via the DSCo website.

Eugenie Teasley (Founder + CEO – Spark+Mettle) said: “I have been blown away again and again by Build throughout the project. They were 100% committed and got involved way beyond their initial remit. As such this meant the product design was, through and through, of an insanely high quality. I have no doubt that the beauty and attractiveness of what they created is central to the Dreamers’ Supply Company’s success. And they are just so nice, and helpful, and thoughtful, and go above and beyond again and again. Everyone who has been involved in the project has said consistently how wonderful Build are, both as designers and as humans— and none more so than me.”

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Client — Spark + Mettle.
Link — dreamers-supply.co

Scope of work:
Product design