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Studio Octopi produce incredible work, but their old website was simply not doing it justice. The brief was ‘beautifully simple to look at, amazingly simple to update’.

Design conscious clients.

The existing website did nothing to show off the stunning work of the practice, so we created a deliberately pared-back site where the work became central. The clients, Chris and James wanted the site to be fully flexible, and easily updatable, via a custom CMS.  The images on the homepage can be changed and reordered to reflect the studio’s latest work, large-scale images show off the projects to best effect, and a news feed enables the studio to keep the world up-to-date with their commissions and activities. The site has also been optimised for viewing on a tablet.

Chris Romer-Lee, owner & founder of Studio Octopi: ‘Michael and Nicky sent us a copy of Build- Works (1) in February 2011. We were very impressed with their work. It wasn’t until later in the year that we were ready to change our website and Build leapt upon the opportunity with vigour and creativity. Suddenly our photography took on a new level of engagement, with complete flexibility on image numbers and size. A bespoke CMS allows us to upload images and content within a matter of minutes. Perhaps the best thing we’re now able to do is quickly tailor the content of the front page (or indeed the whole website) to particular sectors or clients. At our recent exhibition, we used the website as a display, turning over specific projects that could be changed within minutes, all from the office. We’re delighted with the outcome and look forward to continuing to develop the potential from the site.’

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Client — Studio Octopi.
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