MADE – Brand Refresh (case study)

To complete a brand audit, assessing the existing assets including logo and typefaces, and create a new logo marque ahead of a new major marketing campaign.

Design-conscious consumers. Online buyers.

Response— is a web-based furniture company with big ambitions and a savvy business model. After working with them on a previous project, they then asked us to audit their visual identity . The conclusion was that the logo was lacking in any real character, and the brand assets lacked cohesion, so we proposed a new logo, marque and supporting typography.  The resulting ‘screwhead’ marque can be used both with, and away from, the main logo, as a key device within text and layouts. Typography choices had to be suitable for both online and print usage, each with technical challenges. We also created a set of brand guidelines to aid brand consistency when working with 3rd party suppliers.

After the refresh was rolled out across multiple platforms including press, promotional leaflets, web advertising, and now TV advertising, the brand has gone from strength to strength as a clearly recognisable brand, a leader in its field.

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Client — MADE.COM.
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