Checkthis – ID (case study)

Checkthis is an online publishing tool enabling people to quickly and easily publish a web page, without having to sign up, host, or otherwise have an account of any sort. The tool is really simple to use so the brief was to create an ‘identity that would never overshadow the content, but be playful enough to entice people to use it’.

Anyone using the web, it’s creators intend it to be as popular as Twitter!

Because check this is really simple to use, the identity was designed to reflect this – and to be ‘neutrally appealing’. We designed the user interface and icon set which needed to be universally understood, and immediate in instruction. Custom copywriting speaks directly users and gives a ‘voice’ to the identity. The result is something that is set to stand strong in the face of existing web-publishing brands.

Fred della Faille, owner and founder of checkthis: ‘We’ve loved Build for a long time; what is absolutely amazing about their work is not only that it’s bold and smart, it’s the little touch of empathy that makes the difference. Forget the latest trends and so on, it’s about building happy, living brands. ‘We’re presenting checkthis nearly every day and people not only love they name, but they are highly receptive toward how the identity and its personality is living in the whole interface we created together with Build (and Nick Asbury – copywriter).
‘We can’t wait for the next opportunity to work with Build.’

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Client — Checkthis.

Scope of work:
Icon design

Brand Identity
Case Studies