Where Do Ideas Come From? – Northern Design Festival 2016

Build — Sex, Drugs & Helvetica at Northern Design Festival
Granby Workshop by Assemble — British Council
Arjan Van Dal — Ceramic Works [www.arjanvandal.com]
Charles Dedman — Turner Range [www.charlesdedman.co.uk]
Hannah Tounsend — Vase [www.hannahtounsend.co.uk]
Jacky Puzey — Embroidery [www.jackypuzey.com]

This year is our first year of getting involved in the Northern Design Festival (shame on us!), which launched last week at The Assembly House in Newcastle.

The theme of this year’s festival looked at ‘Where do ideas come from?’ which aimed to explore how finished graphic design works have been developed from an initial concept to create a brand, product, piece of furniture or print design.

We (Nicky and Michael) took the short trip up North to Newcastle to see the exhibition on the opening night. We’ve not visited Newcastle in a very long time so we were looking forward to go up and see the quality of the graphic design and creative work in the City and in the North in general.

The design work on show within the ‘Where do ideas come from?’ exhibition was exceptionally high in quality (and we aren’t just saying that because we were involved!) We spent a lot of time talking to Lewis from Assemble, who talked us through their brilliant Liverpool community project, Granby Workshop. This fascinating project makes beautiful and experimental handmade products for the home. The illustrations and catalogue design made by Assemble was an example of great design work by some really nice guys.

Also showcasing at Assembly House was the Festival’s ‘Hothouse’ exhibition that featured a selection of work by design makers from around the country. Some of our highlights included the beautifully made ceramics by Arjan Van Dal and Hannah Tounsend, Charles Dedman’s furniture designs and Jacky Puzey’s embroidery showcase.

All in all, the Northern Design Festival is a great showcase of the creative and experimental work going on in the North of England, and we were really happy to be involved.

If you haven’t visited Northern Design Festival 2016 yet we strongly recommend you take a visit this weekend (the festival ends on 16th October!) We would love to hear your thoughts on our Sex, Drugs & Helvetica branding project which is on show at the ‘Where do ideas come from?’ exhibition in Assembly House on Westgate Road, Newcastle. On display at the Design Festival is our three posters plus t-shirts, programmes, tote bags and wristbands that were created as part of the brand identity.

See more about Northern Design Festival on their website.