The Stow Brothers


“I never thought I’d go out for a drink with an estate agent” — Michael C Place

The above statement is something I keep saying to people when I talk about The Stow Brothers, and it’s true, but I now have had a drink with two of them!
We got a call in December last year from a guy called Kenny Goad saying they were setting up a new estate agents in Walthamstow and would we be interested in meeting to discuss the project. At first we were a bit sceptical, but we met and really got on well with the guys. Five months later and The Stow Brothers finally opened their doors last night with a fantastic party at their new office.

The Stow Brothers are Andrew and Kenny Goad (yes they are actually brothers) & Nathan Barrow, you couldn’t hope to meet a nicer group of people. As estate agents we believe they really break the mould, not a polyester suit or pointy shoes between them, just nice genuine guys who want to do things a bit differently, and for that we want to wish them all the best for the future.

It has been a really great project to work on, including all the branding, interior design of their office (by Nicky), website, and all their marketing materials.

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