Parallel Worlds @ the V&A Museum

WARNING! Contains flashing imagery!

Build founders, Nicky & Michael Place will be speaking at the V&A ’s Parallel Worlds conference on Saturday 30th September 2017.

Parallel Worlds is a day-long international conference dedicated to video game design and culture bringing together leading designers, artists, engineers and thinkers whose work is connected by the worlds we build through games and play.

Channelling their inner 90s selves, Nicky & Michael will be talking all things Wipeout — the game which fused technology, music and graphics and went on to shape the longstanding Wipeout series, as well as influencing the gaming landscape. Back in 1995, Nicky led the game development team at Psygnosis/Sony Playstation and Michael was part of the maverick design studio, The Designers Republic, the creative team behind the visuals, packaging and manual for the game.

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