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Our very good friends Kate and Scrub from Generation Press will be riding the Prudential Ride London 100 (they have already raised money for one event this year for Tackle Africa that their friends and colleagues were extremely generous to support). They felt they couldn’t come back and ask for more donations, so they have delved deep into their archives and found a set of limited edition Not For Commercial Use prints, a collaboration Generation Press ran with us. These were only ever pasted up around London as well as other cities around the country. Kate and Scrub are riding for the charity MIND, a charity particularly close to their hearts and want to raise as much as they can, please support them by bidding on these rare prints!

As the name suggests these have never been available for profit and have been highly sought after from the beginning.

Please place your bids for the posters they have placed on eBay (see links below). The winning bidders will be then be asked to pay the full bid into their ‘Just Giving’ page so every penny is guaranteed to go to the charity directly. UK post and packaging paid for by Generation Press.

You can also donate directly here –> https://www.justgiving.com/kateandscrub/

Deadline for bids are this Friday (8th August, the event is on Sunday 10th August), good luck!

Bid here!
NFCU – Manifesto
NFCU – Dendrochronology
NFCU – Testcard
NFCU – Statement
NFCU – Symbiosis
NFCU – Catalogue