Leeds International Film Festival — 30 Poster

Build - LIFF 30 Poster
Build - LIFF 30 Poster

Our poster design to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Leeds International Film Festival has finally been released. Read about the background of the poster which was in conjunction with Leeds Inspired on a previous news post here. The poster features a camera resolution card in the shape of an eye plus over a 100 opening lines from various films and has been designed to be displayed in either portrait or landscape. The poster can be picked up at various places around Leeds City Centre.

Leeds International Film Festival is the largest film festival outside of London. The festival programme has five categories: official Selection, Retrospective, Cinema Versa, Fanomenon and Short Film City. We visited last years festival to watch Blade Runner and Escape From New York. It’s a fantastic festival which we are looking forward to visiting this year. Follow them on Twitter here.

The Film Festival runs from the 3rd to the 17th of November at various venues around Leeds. See the full list of films being shown at this year’s festival here.

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