Happy/Sad Tote Bags

Happy Face U+263A
Sad Face U+2639


How are you feeling today? We’ve designed a tote for that!

A limited run of our Happy Face/Sad Face totes, designed for TOYPSxDesigners Selection Tote Bag Project, are now available to buy at Colours May Vary — available online here, or in their Leeds store now!

If you haven’t managed to get a copy of our Happy/Sad Face tote yet, don’t worry as we’re giving two away!

To be in with a chance of winning, please tweet us @wearebuild with what makes you happy and/or what makes you sad!

Please submit your answers by 12pm on 7th March 2018. Winners will be informed later that day.

Please note! — Apologies to all of our overseas friends, but this competition is open to UK residents only!


Winning answers below—>

@Sphynxcub: Great design, dogs and woods make me happy. My depression makes me sad and so does not being able to buy your bag because apparently I’m a victim of fraud and my cards have been stopped! Life is full of :-) / :-(

@rory_world: Shaking booty to new tunes :-) / Stains on new clothes :-(

Congratulations to both!


Thank you to all who got involved!

Some other answers we enjoyed are listed below—>

@krae_on: Happy when in mountains / Sad when anywhere under rainclouds

@zuzzaism: Anything can make me happy unless it’s mosquitoes. Mosquitoes don’t make me happy

@mark_kane: Good food & drink makes me happy. Late trains make me sad, especially if I’m going home.

@Paul4ndrew: I’m both happy and sad to be back home from New Zealand. Happy that I’m back in time to “possibly” win the tote bag. Sad because… not in New Zealand! Obvs!!

@nasosrop Leeds all dressed in white makes me happy!

@joannamansfield: Got my certification yesterday to say I am now an associate fellow of the HEA. I’m now qualified to teach our young designers. Happy :-)

@RedVienna: :-) My children, every day they make me smile / :-( Brexit, it is putting everybody in the poo, which stinks

@RogerT2:  The incoming beast from the east – Sad / Happy – The first shoots of daffodils in early spring

@_GumballFactory: Receiving vinyl records in the post makes me happy.

@Caroldoh1991: What makes me happy is coming home on a Friday after a hard week at work!

@mrohsee: What makes me sad is the fact I don’t have one of these bags

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