Generation Press – Litho Process Tool

We’ve been working with our good friends at Generation Press over the past few months to create an innovative print publication series to celebrate its in-house processes.

We are delighted to announce that the first publication in the series, Litho has now been released! Showcasing what the fourth generation at the company has built around the foundations of a process that is still at the core of the printing industry, the Litho publication was created in the hope of inspiring and informing potential customers.

Working with us, Generation Press focused the publication on how Litho processes can work on different types of papers, colours and textures, whilst also demonstrating the printers innovative methods, on a sunny day their in-house Litho presses can solely run on solar power.

“We have been working with the printers for about 10 years and they print pretty much everything that we produce. That’s because we believe they are the best in the business, not only from a print perspective but from an environmental viewpoint too. They really take care to understand a project and more often than not find a way to make the end product better than you had dared hope for, and often for less money than you thought! They are not only our secret weapon, they are also our friends, and I have no doubt that these publications will inspire designers and print buyers alike.” – Michael C Place [Founder/Creative Director at Build]

To receive a copy of Generation Press and Build’s Litho publication, please email: info@generationpress.co.uk.

All photography in the publication is carried out by György Korössy.

View the full project on our site now.

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