#InConversation with Mr Bingo at Today Studios by Michael C Place

Today #InConversation - MCP intro slides
Today #InConversation - MCP & Mr Bingo
Today #InConversation - MCP intro
Today #InConversation - The moment Mr Bingo became Mr Bingo
Today #InConversation - Crowd

On 9th November 2016, I sat down with drawing legend and friend, Mr Bingo in a one-off non-scripted sparring session at Today Studios – a new co-working space in Hackney, London.

The talk, which was the first of its kind under Today Studios new #InConversation event series, focused on the theme ‘How I Got Started’ and offered insight into the work and lives of both designers in a much more relaxed manner.

It was to a very tightly packed (standing room only) Today Studios that Mr Bingo & I talked about how we got started. Well that was the plan anyway; the talk was very loose in format with Bingo & I gave a short introduction to each other’s work.

We then had David from Accept & Proceed on hand to chair the talk, steering us back on course if we strayed too far from the path. The audience was also encouraged to get involved at any point in the conversation, which made for a lively discussion. The format was one of the things I particularly liked about the premise of the evening; I’ve always been interested in how people got to where they are. The back-stories, the anecdotes, the things you don’t get to see from someone’s website. I liked the fact it was completely unscripted, it makes for an interesting discussion.

The conversation covered a wide range of topics, including Bingo’s brilliant and hilarious Hate Mail project (if you haven’t seen it definitely check it out), and our (Build) move back up North and the design scene up there. We also discussed Bingo’s switch from being a commercial illustrator to an artist, and I talked about The Designers Republic and what it felt like to have inspired people to take up design.

Take a listen to the full conversation on Today’s Soundcloud page here.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the guys at Today Studios and Accept & Proceed for running such a great event. The next talk in the series is on the 6th of December with Christopher & Graeme Raeburn. If you are in London we would highly recommend you get tickets!

Today Studios is situated on 4 Andre Street in Hackney and is open to both individuals and companies looking for a creative co-working space.