Tweets & Chips & Dips

(above) New Chips with Dips logo
(above) Logo detail
(above) Logo (w/interactive element)

It all started with a tweet.
The name Chips with Dips started to circulate on Twitter, a new food offering in Walthamstow…”Best chips i’ve ever had”, “Amazing!”. So we did a bit of investigating (like you do), we found his twitter name (@chipswithdipsuk) and sent him a tweet, something along the lines of him being down the wrong end of town. He replied, challenging us to take the walk down the High Street and taste his chips, and he was right they were worth the walk.

Chips with Dips then got a spot at the then newly opened Wildcard Brewery on the Ravenswood Industrial Estate and we started to see, and sample his chips more. He’s a friendly chap, Robin is his name, very easy to talk to, a bit of a laugh. Robin is a tiler by day, purveyor of chips & dips by nights, and weekends. He’s a grafter.

We thought his chips and dips were amazing, so we got talking, to be honest we took the mick out of his van and DIY branding mercilessly, he took it with good humour. We said why don’t we do the branding for him?

And this is how it all started.
We at Build firmly believe in people. People with a good idea (chips in this case) and passion, people like Robin. And if we can help him make a success out of his business and realise his full potential then that’s all we hope for…that and the odd portion of chips of course!

If you’ve got a great idea (it doesn’t have to be food related) and want to have a chat, get in touch.