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Build recount brand identity projects for Gavin Coyle and Plæy
Gavin Coyle discusses working with Build
Plæy sheds light on on-going brand identity project
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We believe that a strong brand identity can really benefit businesses in all industries, at every end of the spectrum. Speaking recently to one of the UK’s leading furniture and furnishing trade publications, Furniture News, Build Directors, Nicky and Michael Place recount their recent experiences working on the brand identities for Gavin Coyle and Plæy, two independent furniture makers at separate stages of their journey.

“We have worked with many fledgling businesses and we know what is needed to create a robust, flexible identity for a small business, and how to make it live in the real world. That roll out, however big or small, is when it all starts to come to life for the client – from a website, mail campaign or product catalogue to collateral for a trade show. For a retailer, it might entail shop interiors, signage, bags, packaging and so on. What is ultimately required is specific and unique to each project, but the rigorous, in-depth thinking at the beginning of the creative process will shape the identity and allow us to roll it out in a consistent, considered way.”
– Michael C Place [Founder + Creative Director]

“A real strength of ours is working with both big and small brands, bringing the same level of experience to the table for each. For a lot of smaller clients who are unlikely to have a mega-budget, hiring a studio such as Build with experience of working with big names can be reassuring – they are making an investment in their own brand identity. We are very inquisitive as a studio, and open to new ways of thinking, but always with an eye on the client. One of our big beliefs is never doing what might be expected. We will always look to answer the needs of the project uniquely, which means we don’t do things by numbers or in a way that we’ve necessary done before – but the work is very rigorous and always relevant to the project.”
– Nicky Place [Business Director]

A big thanks to Furniture News for the article, and to Gavin Coyle and Matt Kelly (Plæy) for sharing their thoughts!

Read the full article above, or have a look at the January 2017 edition of Furniture News online.

View Gavin Coyle’s brand identity project on our website here.
The full Plæy identity project will be live on our site soon!

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