The website we designed for this years Sex, Drugs & Helvetica Design Conference launched today. We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes designing the identity for the conference so it’s nice to see it start to appear in the real world.

We designed the identity to be as flexible as possible, allowing the event organisers to have some real fun with it. The campaign will run across all social media platforms culminating in printed material including posters, promo booklet, programme, tote-bags and wristbands.

The conference itself is one of the most interesting on the conference circuit. Each of the six guest speakers talk about one project from start to finish. It’s a format we hadn’t come across before, and one that offers real insight into the working process of some of the best designers out there.

Visit the site here and do yourself a favour, if you are going to be in Brisbane on the 4th of September or Melbourne a week later on the 11th bag yourself a ticket now.

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